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Tríade (2015)
For flute, clarinet and basson
Duration: 3'30''
El ritual del cañaveral (2016)
For oboe, clarinet and basson
Duration: 12'30''
Visiones oníricas (2017)
For clarinet, cello and piano
Duration: 14'
Visiones profundas (2017)
For violin, cello and piano
Duration: 13'
Eidos II (2017)
For flute, viola and cello
Duration: 7'
8SW Composition Competition Award, New York, (USA) 2018
Otro mambo influenciado (2018)
For two violins and cello
Duration: 6'30''
Tres escenas pictóricas (2020)
For two clarinets and basson
Duration: 6'30''
Dedicated to Trio Móviles
En el andén del insomnio (2021)
For clarinet, basson and percussion
Duration: 7'
Tres escenas siniestras (2021)
For violin, viola and cello
Duration: 16'
Paseo de invierno (2022)
For flute, viola and cello
Duration: 4'
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