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Cubadisco 2022 Award in two categories, chamber music and musicological notes. First monographic album by Jorge Amado.

Ofrenda is a selection of works composed by Jorge Amado dedicated to the bowed string family, from solo instrument to chamber orchestra with soloists.

...And nothing remains the same...

On ...AND NOTHING REMAINS THE SAME... from Eight Strings & a Whistle and Ravello Records, the flute, viola and cello trio performs Jorge Amado's Eidos II. This work was awarded in 2018 in a composers' competition organized by the New Yorker trio.

Premios Uneac de Composición: Nueva Música, Vol. 2

Jorge Amado won in 2015 one of the most important composition competitions in Cuba, Concurso de Composición Harold Gramatges. As a result of the award was recorded this CD with the winners of other editions of the competition, recording the composer himself his piece for violin solo Del Canto y la lluvia.

Nuestra América 2019/2020

The José White Quartet from Mexico recently recorded Cuarteto de Cuerdas No.6 "Carnavalesco" on their latest album. This work was the winner of the competition Nuestra America 2019, a contest organized by the quartet. The works that comprise the album have been awarded in 2019 and 2020. 

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